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Professionalism in Medicine: Results of a National Survey of Physicians

Characteristics of General and Subspecialty Pediatricians Who Choose Not to Recertify

Characteristics Associated with Physician Discipline: A Case-control Study

Confirming the Validity of the General Pediatrics Certification Examinations: A Practice Analysis

Perspectives and Preferences Among the General Public Regarding Physician Selection and Board Certification

Who Claims to be a Pediatrician?

Decreasing PICU Catheter-associated Bloodstream Infections: NACHRI’s Quality Transformation Efforts

Variations in Growth of Infants With a Single Ventricle

Improved Outcomes in a Quality Improvement Collaborative for Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Clinical Inactivity Among Pediatricians: Prevalence and Perspectives

Ohio Statewide Quality-Improvement Collaborative to Reduce Late-Onset Sepsis in Preterm Infants

Reducing PICU Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections: 3-Year Results

NICU Practices and Outcomes Associated With 9 Years of Quality Improvement Collaboratives

Statewide NICU Central-Line Associated Bloodstream Infection Rates Decline after Bundles and Checklists

Nosocomial Infection Reduction in VLBW Infants with a Statewide Quality-Improvement Model

Effectiveness of an Asthma Quality Improvement Program Designed for Maintenance of Certification

Quality Improvement in Childhood Obesity Management through the Maintenance of Certification Process

Integrating Maintenance of Board Certification and Health Systems’ Quality Improvement Programs

Maintenance of Certification and Pediatrics Milestones-Based Assessment: An Opportunity for Quality Improvement Through Lifelong Assessment

Reliable Pregnancy Testing Before Intravenous Cyclophosphamide: A Quality Improvement Study

Pediatric Residency Education and the Behavioral and Mental Health Crisis: A Call to Action

A New Era in Quality Measurement: The Development and Application of Quality Measures

Improving HPV Vaccination Rates Using Maintenance-of-Certification Requirements

Current Workforce of General Pediatricians in the United States

Maintenance of Certification—A Prescription for Improved Child Health

Reducing Head CT Use for Children With Head Injuries in a Community Emergency Department

Maintenance of Certification Part 4: From Trial to Tribute

Maintenance of Certification and the Challenge of Professionalism